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The Crimean Republic center of vision rehabilitation

The unique medical - educational institution of new type which does not have analogues in Ukraine

Здание КРЦРЗ
Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Ministry of Health of Crimea
95006. Simferopol, Pavlenko str. 4,
Tel. 27-95-51, fax 27-00-63
The Crimean Republic center of vision rehabilitation

14 years in a medical orbit of Ukraine

The history of its creation began with a laboratory of optic-physiological methods of restoration and correction of sight which has developed into the Medical-engineering ophthalmologic center, and then by the decision of Council of Ministers of Crimea in 1991 the Crimean Republic center of vision rehabilitation was created.

The founder and director of CRCVR is
Leonid Konstantinovich Dembsky -

  • The doctor of medical sciences
  • The doctor - ophthalmologist of the supreme category
  • A member of the International society of studying of an eye
  • The winner of the State premium
  • Honored doctor of Republic of Crimea
Leonid Konstantinovich Dembsky

Now CRCVR is:
The basic directions of the Center activity:
  • Scientific researches in the field of clinical ophthalmology
  • Treatment-and-prophylactic work;
  • Pedagogical activity on preparation of the medical staff
  • Development of medical and diagnostic devices, technological lines, pipeline systems and automated systems
  • Carrying out of technical and clinical tests of devices and systems
  • Release of methodical recommendations and medical literature

The Crimean Republic Center of Vision Rehabilitation is situated in a large building.

On all its floors the advanced technologies of diagnostics and treatment of short-sightedness, a squint, lazy eye, degenerations of a retina, a cataract, glaucoma and many other functions. In the center are treated both children and adults.

Divisions of the Center:

  • Branch of functional diagnostics with a full set of the diagnostic equipment
  • Medical rooms of:
    • The ophthalmologist on reception of children,
    • The ophthalmologist on reception of adults,
    • Professor,
    • Therapist,
    • Pediatrician,
    • Orthopedist (with the diagnostic equipment for the definition of the spinal column curvature and platypodia)
    • Neuropathologist
  • Department of optic-and-physiological and hardware methods of treatment;
  • Consulting rooms of: pleoptics, orthoptics, diplopia
  • Consulting rooms of:
    • Physiotherapeutic methods of treatment;
    • Ophthalmoendocrinology and a vascular pathology of an eye;
    • Computer ophthalmoergonomics and optometry;
    • Physiotherapy exercises;
    • Massage;
    • Researches of an organism of the person on micro cells;
    • Corrections of nutrition;
    • Contact correction of sight;
  • Shop - interior "Optics" with optical manufacture
  • Department of marketing
    • A department of studying and demand of medical services
    • A department of planning and sale of medical services
  • An organizational - methodical department
  • An economical department
  • A scientific department
  • An information-analytical department (MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM)
  • Educational center CRIMEA*MED*DIDACTIC" on training students, interns, clinical interns, masters, doctors, teachers and preparation of experts
  • Administration
    • Director
    • The deputy director on medical care to the population
    • The deputy director on the general questions
    • The deputy director on management
  • A staff department and office-works
  • An economic department
  • Technical department

The feature of the Crimean Republic center of vision rehabilitation consists in developing of not surgical ophthalmology for the first time and implantation of new industrial system in medicine.

The core of industrial system is the pipeline system on which can simultaneously be up to 100 patients. They are served by 134 devices which are included in a conveyor cycle.

The author Dembsky L.K. is awarded by the State premium of Republic of Crimea for the development of new technology "Medical-diagnostic ophthalmologic conveyor". Being on the conveyor, the patient can continuously receive within 1,5 hours complex treatment on 12-22 devices. A component of a conveyor principle is the multiway production line representing a stream of patients, moving along devices, optics, i.e. on all conveyors with the purpose of development and perfection of elements of the visual act (strength of accommodation, фузионных reserves, mono-, binocular sight, etc.) in them. Carrying capacity of the medical conveyor is 500 people in change.

The medical conveyor is essentially new system as both organizational and clinical and scientific. "The industrial system of protection of sight of children and teenagers in conditions of public health services reforming" is registered in the state agency of Ukraine for the copyrights and adjacent rights ПА № 3004 of 28.04.2000.

On the basis of industrial technology in medicine the center developed original system "Protection of sight of children and teenagers" which is used with great success for treatment and rehabilitation of children of Simferopol, Yalta, Sevastopol, other cities of Crimea, Ukraine, Russia. Being a basis of transformation in a separate branch - children's ophthalmology, it shows a sample of new system of the public health organization as a whole. Based on the advanced, conveyor technologies the new system allows to change radically existing system of sight protection of children and teenagers, has high economic efficiency. The clinical importance and efficiency of conveyor principles of diagnostics and treatment, making intensive industrial system of sight protection with productivity of conveyors in 5-6 times higher than existing extensive system is confirmed by the leading experts - ophthalmologists of Ukraine, Russia.

The complex treatment-and-prophylactic help to children with lazy eyes, carried out with application of a "conveyor" method of visual functions training in conditions of medical institution and prolonged in domestic conditions with the help of the portable device "the Domestic panorama", provides restoration of foveolar fixing and increase of visual acuity in 87,2 % of cases.

Wide application in squint treatment conveyor technology a prismatic correction has allowed to achieve in 48,9% of cases full and in 62,0% of cases relative recovery of this pathology.

Conveyor method of application of patients' treatment with a weak degree of short-sightedness promoted:

  • To increase uncorrected visual acuity direct after treatment at 97,1% of examined;
  • To disappearance of asthenopic complaints at 100% of examined;
  • To increase of fusional reserve at the average on 4 prism dioptries after carrying out of one treatment course;
  • To reduction of dynamic refraction in 71,9% of cases.

For the first time in one building the Crimean Republic center of vision rehabilitation created the combine including the ophthalmologic center and specialized school for visually impaired children. In territory of the center is located the kindergarten for children with the lowered sight.

As a consequence of thoroughly elaborated system of training and treatment within a day, almost without waste of time, children receive all volume of treatment not breaking a pedagogical cycle. Thus children study and are clinically observed and receive treatment on the conveyor here in the center.

A new system of production management in the public health system based on the conveyor principle has shown high efficiency both in diagnostics and treatment on a republic scale and received positive expert judgments of the Kiev medical academy of further education, chief children's ophthalmologist of Ministry of Health of Ukraine with the recommendation for introduction in all areas of Ukraine. It has found wide recognition of The Filatov research institute of eye-diseases, chief children's ophthalmologist of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Odessa Pirogov medical institute. The high estimation of technology is given by the President of Ukraine L.D.Kuchma.