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The purpose

Using the advanced pedagogical technologies "KRYM•MED•DIDACTIC":

  • To activate the substantial, cognitive-practical part of education;
  • To create the game situations which are met in practice of a doctor;
  • To determine skill of the participant to make not-trivial decisions, to apply received theoretical knowledge in practice;
  • To reconstruct a psychology of an authoritative system of training of a part of the teaching staff;
  • To uncover a mechanism of liberation and development of a person for increase of success of mastering and application of acquired knowledge by means of game optimization of pedagogical process;
  • To generate new structures of academic subjects;
  • To draw attention of teachers, public to non-standard forms of training;
  • To humanize training to surgical disciplines (from biosimulators to the patient).

The form of carrying out of competition

Competitive didactic game as pedagogical instrument used in the mechanism of fixing and estimation of results of the theoretical and practical knowledge received as a result of training is carried out in the form of a business game-practical work.

General rules of the game

An expert evaluation of theoretical and practical skills quality is conducted according to the elaborated "Criteria of quality estimation» on the basis of the standard base normative standards and evaluated in points.

The evaluation of theoretical knowledge is conducted with the help of the standard qualifying tests accepted in public health services and computer programs used in ophthalmology.

The estimation of practical surgical skills and abilities is conducted in the training operating room. Elimination games - competitions are carried out in teams with a plenty of applicants for participation in business didactic games under the scheme stated below. And, variational competitive tasks, offered to the participants of competition, become complicated with each round as approaching to the final.

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