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Regulations about "cheerful" nominations

Doctor’s work is intellectually capacious. Except for the professional skills and knowledge for effective activity it is necessary for a doctor to have encyclopedic knowledge in other spheres, besides medical as he has relation to a person.

Patients contacting to doctors, have different specialites, capacity and educational level.

An individual approach is necessary for a successful recovery of the patient, to find a key to a "lock" of each patient.

The education of the doctor will not be complete without a certain level of the general culture, erudition.

The nomination «Display your erudition» will help to determine this level

So that a knowledge acquirement will not be wearisome, a good teacher has always some witty "cheerful" didactic tricks relieve a physical, nervous and psychophysiological overstrain during a study.

Some examples of entertaining tricks:

«The most», «use your brains» requisite (brains, tongue)

«Peel an apple» requisite – (apples, gloves, scalpel)

«Make a knot» requisite – (gloves, line)

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