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Training courses
We offer you to acquire practical skills in surgery
Training is facultative
Seminars are carried out on each of the following directions:

  • Operative and general surgery,
  • Operative surgery of an eye,
  • Optometry, diagnostics and treatment of anomalies of a refraction, an amblyopia and a strabismus,
  • Diagnostics of localization of a foreign body,
  • Microsurgery of an eye.

Our purpose:

  • Granting of the guaranteed knowledge on the basis of effective technologies with the big efficiency of lectures, practical training;
  • Independent work of students and application of the knowledge and skills in practice.
Presentation of the courses will take place on Friday on 18th of November in the 4th dormitory
Tel. 600-551, 248-598

Training center "KRYM·MED·DIDAKTIK"
Operative and general surgery
Eye surgery

A new innovative pedagogical technology KRYM·MED·DIDAKTIK (the author: Doctor of Medicine L.K. Dembsky) is developed for a medical staff training: students, doctors - interns, clinical interns, practical doctors, teachers in ophthalmology. It is registered in the state copyrights and neighboring rights agency of Ukraine PA 3003 from 28.04.2000. The technology is approved at session of the heads of the ophthalmology faculties of higher education institutions of Ukraine. The technology KRYM·MED·DIDAKTIK was awarded at the IV and V International exhibitions of educational institutions Modern education in Ukraine of 2001 and 2002.

Training according to the technology KRYM·MED·DIDAKTIK is performed as elective studies, which supplement knowledge of medical universities with practice. It is a right of every student to choose either, one or another series of studies of any specialty.

Training term a student can choose duration of courses himself, depending on the stock of knowledge he wants to obtain.

The principle of technology - from model to man, the material comprehensibility rate making up to 90% and higher

The basis of technology modelling: a) physiology, b) illness, c) diagnostics and operation.

Training courses contain:
  • TRAINING IN BASIC SKILLS OF EYE SURGERY, including microsurgery, foreign body localization in the eye. Trainees acquire skills in operations on eyelids, conjunctiva, and cornea.

    A modelling system with ophthalmosimulators allows to reproduce the functional work of an organ or system including abnormality, and to model any complicated extraordinary clinical case. All the manipulations are performed on animals eyes inserted into the phantom mask. Special engineering equipment allows imitating diseases (pterygium, chalazion, intraocular foreign body, etc.) on the animals eye with their subsequent healing.

    Universal training equipment: hydraulic irrigation system, hydraulic aspiration system, automatic eye irrigation system, phantom mask with an animal eye, manometer measuring intraocular pressure, pedal with hydraulic valve.

  • TRAINING IN OPERATIVE AND GENERAL SURGERY. Includes general questions, types of anesthesia, layer-by-layer disconnection and connection of tissues, suturing and removing sutures, arrest of bleeding, intestinal sutures, closure of large intestine wounds, enterectomy, enteroanastomosis, injury of bowels and ways of its suture, methods and techniques of suture of perforated stomach and duodenal ulcer, vascular operations, vascular sutures, dissection of kidney, opening of renal pelvis etc.

    Operations on general surgery are performed on special simulators using biological tissue.

As well as in ophthalmology, special engineering equipment allows modelling vascular blood flow, its abnormalities and many other things.

Technologies allow: 1) to reduce a necessity in patients with either one or another disease. Especially it is important for those countries where a contact with a patient is excluded or restricted during studying. 2) to make both teacher and student calm and sure not to harm someone. 3) to perfect yourself during mastering new techniques, operations, technologies. 4) to exclude or minimize potential complications during treatment a patient. 5) to exclude the access to the patient of an untrained specialist by means of preoperative testing. 6) to use unified standards of efficiency criteria and treatment quality; 7) to reduce the number of insurance cases and claims.

These technologies are approved: on 1938 medical university students (78% comprehensibility), young specialists and practitioners (92% comprehensibility) and gave possibility to create a manual Technology of knowledge imparting and acquisition of skills (authors L. Dembsky, N. Chirsky).

Technological didactic approach on basis of KRYM·MED·DIDAKTIK allowed to create a new system of teaching with 89% efficiency of lectures; 98% of their attendance; 95% of self-work of students; 100% efficiency of use of study hours; 74% of ability to apply knowledge by students in practice; essential readiness of internship doctors to the practical work in surgery.

The technology is partially implemented in the process of teaching to eye microsurgery on a chair of eye illnesses of Kiev national medical university.

We created surgical unit mini operating-room for one surgeon, it is placed on our web site. This is the first portable surgical training simulator, which can be set at home or dormitory.

  1. Surgical table with binocular microscope
  2. Hydraulic system, containing graduated in mm of mercury and water column manometer and foot-operated electric drive for intraocular pressure supplying and simulation of glaucoma
  3. Eye irrigation system
  4. Surgical field illumination system
  5. Container for fluid gathering with a possibility to connect it to sewerage
  6. Phantom mask for placing an animal eye
  7. Device for fastening of the operation technology
  8. Set of magnets for foreign body removal
  9. Surgical armaments

The center takes orders for making analogous devices.

Gained in the training center KRYMMEDDIDAKTIK pedagogical experience guarantees for everyone participation in experimental and scientific work according to the themes of medical university.

A distinctive feature of the training center KRYMMEDDIDAKTIK on behalf of Crimean Republic Center of Vision Rehabilitation is a continuity in work according to the training technologies of Center of Vision Rehabilitation and Medical University, being not an alternative to the university but a natural supplement to the programs on surgery.

Studies are carried out by experienced surgeons.

During training every day you get: a) operating skills, b) detailed description of surgical technique technology, c) tea, coffee, and at the end of the course you get a document, certifying the completion of the course in the training center KRYMMEDDIDAKTIK

Our address: 95006, Simferopol, Pavlenko Str 4,
Tel. 279- 551, 248-598

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