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The concept of foundation of Ophthalmologic debating society

Founders of Ophthalmologic debating society are:

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The purposes of debating society

  1. Formation of medical public opinion on the basis of expert estimations of discussion participants.
  2. Creation of a dialogue situation for discussion of socially significant medical problems and the phenomena in ophthalmology.
  3. Involving in discussion of the declared themes of leaders of groups of interests and opinions, as preconditions of their cooperation in the future.
  4. Informing the administrative board of the ministries, scientific research institutes and medical universities on opinion of the scientific, medical public on significant problems and questions in medicine in general, and ophthalmology in particular.

Structure of debating society

  1. ODS is managed by the public - medical Council among the members of which the Chairman is chosen.
  2. Public - medical Council forms the agenda of ODS work for 6 months. Public - medical Council promotes realization of the recommendations elaborated during the ODS sessions.
  3. Executive work on carrying out of the ODS sessions is carried out by the secretary.

Layout of carrying out of sessions of debating society

Each session of the Debating society is carried out in the form of "round table" where the participants of dialogue gather:

  • Experts on a theme: the heads of structures professionally involved in the discussed problematic, experts, profile scientists;
  • Public experts: known people in a society, the so-called leaders of opinion stating public opinion from the point of view of the consumer, citizen, voter, client, patient, etc.

It is possible to have different points of view in each expert group.

The leader of a round table is the organizer of a dialogue who is pushing together opinions but not people. His task is to direct conversation to a constructive channel, to create preconditions for the further cooperation of participants.

Possible themes of the first society sessions:

  1. Scientific and practical correctness of sclerostrenghening injections and scleroplastic operations.
  2. Short-sightedness is a symptom, i.e. phenotypic attribute, a marker of the general syndrome of collagenoses, connective tissue insufficiency, and dysplasia of connective tissue. Adequate pathogenetic pharmacotherapy
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The organization of a round table on the scale of Ukraine is in the competence of ophthalmologic service principals of Ministry of Health of Ukraine and director of the Filatov research institute of eye-diseases and tissue therapy, Academy of Medical sciences of Ukraine.

The organization of a round table at the regional level including Autonomous Republic of Crimea, taking into account the international experience is carried out as follows:

  1. The initiative group is created, from among scientists, practical doctors, at that the selection of nominees to the initiative group is carried out proceeding from subjects of discussion;
  2. Session of a round table is carried out in a large, light, comfortable and warm hall.
  3. Equipment of the hall: a computer, printer, scanner, phone, acoustic equipment, including the amplifier, loudspeakers, mixer, microphone.

The script of the round table session

All participants of a round table take seats at the tables placed as "horseshoe" for convenient dialogue with the leader.

In front of each participant the information board with the indication of his name (completely), position and a scientific rank is placed.

The leader declares a theme of a round table and represents all participants.

All dialogues during session are taped.

The leader gives a microphone to the person wishing to speak, declaring his title and rank. After the performance of the society member the leader proclaims a standard phrase: "Give reason, prove correctness of your point of view". Thus, during the round table session the synchronous speech of several persons is excluded. Presence of a microphone organizes each participant, forcing to think over, i.e. to consider thoroughly before presenting the point of view.

After the participant has stated his version, and then gave reason, i.e. has protected it, the leader addresses to the audience, determining members wishing to speak concerning the previous performance.

The basic in the organization of a round table is that each participant can be heard and the most important to receive an estimation of his performance on the part of colleagues.

The most important responsibility is incumbent upon the leader of the round table who is actually the organizer of dialogue. Thus distinctive feature of debating society from usual conferences while carrying out of round table sessions is easy achievement of collision of opinions but not people. Certainly, it depends first of all upon the ability of the leader to direct conversation to a constructive channel.

On the conclusion of the round table session the text of the report written down for all the time of session is printed out and sent each participant of the session.

During the session participants have an opportunity to drink a cup of coffee, tea, to eat a piece of cake, etc.

At the same session the following session theme is represented, and there are determined nominees wishing to take part in preparation of the next session.

Example: sessions of Regional ophthalmologic debating society.

Region: Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Place of carrying out: the Conference room of the Crimean Republic center of vision rehabilitation, tel. 279-551, 248-598.

The leader of a round table - the organizer: is doctor of medical sciences, director of the Crimean Republic center of vision rehabilitation, doctor ophthalmologist of the supreme category - Dembsky Leonid Konstantinovich.

The leader acts in two roles:

  1. Actually the leader - a script writer,
  2. The participant of dialogue: doctor and scientist.

Theme of session: Scientific and practical correctness of sclerostrengthening injections and scleroplastic operations. Short-sightedness is a symptom, i.e. phenotypic attribute, a marker of the general syndrome of коллагенопатии, connective tissue insufficiency, dysplasia of connective tissue. Adequate pathogenetic pharmacotherapy

Thematic article of doctor of medical sciences Dembsky L.K. and dialogue with the correspondent (is applied) is submitted at the session for discussion.

As analogue by development of the concept there are taken materials on similar subjects of the foreign states, in particular experience of debating society foundation "Focus - group " that was founded by the Fund "Development of public relations" ("DPR"). (

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