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General idea of a competitive didactic business game is an idea of satisfaction of educational needs of students, extending knowledge taking into account applied direction of surgical disciplines, development, opening of additional reserves of the person in competitive excitement of training.

Competitiveness in game allows to differentiate a quality of teaching according to personal tendencies and abilities of students and teachers work styles.

During didactic game a breaking of psychological stereotypes imposed by usual teaching system occurs what means eliminating of old, usual stereotypes of the trainees, it gives also broad opportunities of creative undertaking, both during getting of a complex of practical skills and in realization of necessity of introduction of innovative processes in training.

A competition (game) is one of didactic means in structure of the new form of educational system "KRYM•MED•DIDACTIC". It is not a question of transformation of study into an entertainment. The doctrine always was and remains one of the most difficult versions of mental and manual very intensive work, but the system of training should not be wearisome and humiliating, the authoritative pedagogics hebetates a student, reduces a percent of comprehensibility of teaching of a material up to the lowest level of cognition even at the gifted student, humiliates his rights and dignity, suppresses a creative impulse and intellectual ascent.

A competitive game is an original stimulus for creative search of new training technologies both a teacher and a student what provides an intensification of an educational process.

For realization of a competitive game a teachers had to create standard training technologies, didactic and methodical maintenance of their support, to develop a system of organization of the competitions, equal conditions for all participants, irrespective of experience, practice (i.e. from the 1st up to the 6th year students, the doctors who have intership, residents, practical doctors, scientists), criteria of quality estimation of fulfillment of standards and requirements to operations on eyes, the outline of team selection games for participation in the final of the competition, protocols of the results estimation of practical skills and many other things.

Students can evaluate a level of their knowledge, opportunities and practical skills during selection to competition of professional skill, to learn themselves in comparison with other, to become proud or be disappointed in them, and the students, who choose primary activity in medicine can find a specialty where needlework is not required.

The competition allows creating various programs, game combinations which are met in usual practice of a doctor, and artificially changing conditions, students can create such situations which are met seldom or are not met at all. As a result of such pedagogical influence a success and a training efficiency, i.e. quality of students training is increased, what is the primary goal of system "KRYM•MED•DIDACTIC".

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