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Material support of the competition «The golden scalpel»


Crimean Georgievsky State Medical University

Crimean Republic Center of Vision Rehabilitation

Place of carrying out - Crimean Republic Center of Vision Rehabilitation

1. Setting of an assembly hall (posters, slogans, announcements, motto, invitations, balls etc.) 1. Technical supplying with transmission of operation from operating room into the assembly hall: TV, video camera (in operating room), 2 monitors, an electronic projector with the screen (in the assembly hall).
2. Setting of an operating room (supplying with a toolkit and a suture material, eyes of animals) 2. 4 computers on a scene in a nomination № 3, a computer in sector of scoring of points, TV, video camera (in the assembly hall)
3. Setting of a conference hall 3. 2 double-ended projectors for illumination
4. Writing a script, direction (a spelling of the script, production realization (practical realization), carrying out of all didactic game and competition, preparatory - rehearsal process with teams participants of the competition, preparation for a final meeting) 4. An amplifier, tape recorder (audio), sound panel, 2-3 microphones
6. Carrying out of selection games 5. Issue of a draft of emblems, badges, for jury, judges, participants
7. Making qualifying tests 6. Making a documentary «On the occasion of the 70-anniversary of the Crimean Georgievsky Medical University «New training technologies»»
8. Creation of mathematical models on the 2nd nomination  
9. Creation of working models on the 2nd nomination  
10. Making a draft of emblems, badges, for jury, judges, participants  
11. Making drafts of slogans, posters, invitations, diplomas  
12. Laying of a special cable from operating room into an assembly hall  
Consolation prizes
Diplomas of CSMU and CRCVR

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