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Regulations about the judicial, arbitral team, jury

The judicial team provides the participants of competition with objective refereeing in all nominations.

The chairman is at the head of judicial team. He is appointed by the organizing committee from experienced teachers, staff of the faculty.

Members of judicial team are ophthalmologists of the first and highest categories, experienced teachers.

Judicial protocols of didactic games (competitions) are conducted by the secretary.

The arbitral team, the arbitrator solves points at issue. It is represented by an experienced doctor, a teacher of faculty, practical doctors - ophthalmologists. After solving of all points at issue protocols are given to sector of scoring.

The jury sums up, determines the winner of competition, rating places of teams, announces a team of winners, prize-winners, participants in separate nominations

Judges award prize-winners with diplomas, prizes, cups, medals of winners.

The jury is represented by teachers of medical and other universities, scientists, students, outstanding public figures, representatives of all levels of the authority.

A route of protocols movement

Competitions on surgical nominations are evaluated on a 12-point scale.

Results are evaluated by «criteria of the operation quality estimation» in points, enter in the protocol of competitions on each participant of competition.

After counting of penal points and making of a final mark to each participant, members of judicial team append their signatures, the secretary gives protocols of competitions to the chairman of judicial team to sign.

After a signature (if there were no appeals) protocols are given to the sector of scoring where the results are registered and displayed on a score-board, with the subsequent handing it over to the jury.


If the captains of teams have appeals concerning quality of refereeing within 15 minutes protocols are given to the arbitral team; on expiration of 15 minutes the appeal are not accepted.

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